The HR Professional February 2019

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Latest Stories

Sharing Secrets

Five insights HR can gain from marketing

By Dr. David Weiss


The human resources profession has undergone major transformation in the past decade, which has delivered much greater value to organizations.


Streamline Hiring and Attract Top Talent

Four tips for successful recruitment this year

By Jamie Hoobanoff


Business owners looking for different ways to restructure or expand their organization will need much more than luck this month. For many HR professionals, the hiring process can be cumbersome.

Welcoming Gen Z to the Workforce

Attract and retain the next generation of rising stars

By Eric Beaudan and Mary Barroll


What makes a potential leader? It is the number one question that most organizations grapple with today. While there is no one predictor that wins out above all, research has revealed that there are specific personality traits that tend to be more present in high-potentials. Despite the emphatic hype, it seems that the younger generation of leaders possesses plenty of high potential talent.

New Year, Same Employment Standards

Ontario reverses Bill 148’s sweeping employment law changes

By Dylan Augruso


For Ontario’s government and its lawmakers, 2018 was a year full of discussion, debate, lobbying and eventually re-writing of Ontario’s employment laws. However, the final result was not very much change at all.

Providing Support

How EAPs can help in times of crises

By Charles Benayon


Today, there is an increasing number of traumatic events that affect our daily lives. These events are no longer regulated to the home or the workplace, but are unfortunately becoming more frequent in the community. When a crisis takes place, it’s important for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to support employees, as well as the community.

Canadian Experience (Not) Required

It’s time for organizations to remove this dated requirement

By Margaret Eaton


An accountant from England who was born in India shares his frustrations of searching for a job in Canada. Finally, in desperation, he asked a hiring manager, “Do you have debits in Canada? Do you have credits in Canada?” The hiring manager eventually understood that being an accountant in England is not that different from being an accountant in Canada and offered him a job.

Who Should Your Workplace Investigator Be?

Experience is key when deciding who will fill this role

By Peter V. Matukas, BA, LLB, AWI-CH


All employers in Ontario, pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, RSO 1990, c O.1 (OHSA) have an obligation to provide a workplace free from harassment and sexual harassment, and must also conduct an investigation into incidents or complaints of workplace harassment or sexual harassment.