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Arianne Laird
If you don't have HR - or your HR department needs a makeover, and you have between 25 and 100 professional/office staff, we're the HR support you've been looking for.
HR services are led and often delivered by our principle HR consultant, Ariane Laird, and supported by administrators, HR contractors, and employment lawyers to ensure you get the most cost-effective results. Like you, we're resourceful and pragmatic with a high level of business acumen. We also know how to turn around the skeptics who don't believe HR adds value. (You know who you are!) We're bold, direct and happy professionals. We know how to play the role of bad cop or good cop to even out an HR challenge. We believe that HR is a business partner and we know how to balance the needs of staff with those of the business.
1737 West 3rd Avenue
Suite 210
V6J 1K7
  • Organizational Effectiveness / HR Consulting

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