Talent Management

By Leann Schneider, M.A. and Tim Jackson, Ph.D.

No one likes to be judged. Imagine yourself entering a performance review, or a debrief of your assessment results, and knowing that all of your strengths and weaknesses would be scrutinized, talked about in the open and evaluated.

by Zabeen Hirji and Stephen Shea


Hidden biases may be costing us our competitive advantage.

By Lauren Garris 


Feeling your way to success.

HR Professional

By Lisa Gordon


Driving transformative change

HR Professional

By Lisa Kopochinski


Occupational health and safety expert

HR Professional

A study conducted by the Morneau Shepell research group found that every $1 invested in an employee and family assistance program (EFAP) translates into a return on investment of $8.70 through a combination of improved productivity at work and less time away from work.