The HR Professional November 2018 Issue

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Latest Stories

HR Meets Marketing

When HR and marketing collaborate, big things can happen in your organization

By Heather Hudson


The Popping Bottles celebration started with a simple challenge for the customer success team at technology company BlueCat.


A Job Seeker’s Market

How to maintain a successful recruitment strategy when unemployment is low

By Taylor McKinney


National unemployment rates were at four per cent as of last month, more than half of what it was less than ten years ago.

Medicinal Cannabis Coverage

Is IT right for your business and your employees?

By Matt Houghton


With the change in Canadian laws surrounding the use of cannabis, discussion about its use is evolving, especially in the health care field.

(EVLN) Model Behaviour

Employee response to job dissatisfaction

By Tallys Moreth


Several theories have related salary to happiness, but today benefits and remuneration are no longer decisive in choosing a new job.

Managers First

Work-life balance is about leading by example

By Patrick Williams


When it comes to work-life balance, direction must come from the top down. A healthy work-life balance has to be part of the culture and something that’s practiced and advocated by leadership, not just paid lip service.

Goliath, Meet David

How can start-ups compete for top executive level talent?

By Jamie Hoobanoff


According to the 2018 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Summit report, 70 per cent of small businesses find it hard to retain top talent.

Wage  Wars

How to set salaries that keep your top staff satisfied

By Sandra Lavoy


Other than during the initial job offer and perhaps an occasional pay increase, most managers don’t typically always have their staff’s salaries top of mind.