The HR Professional - March 2018 Issue

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Lending a Hand

Community investment may be the best ROI for recruitment, engagement and retention

By Heather Hudson

Once upon a time, when a company wanted to give back, they’d partner with a reputable umbrella charity like the United Way, set a dollar target, hold a few fundraising events and match donations made by their employees.



Engagement in the Ever-evolving World of Work

By Karen Stone, CHRE

We have written often in these pages about transformation – about the technological changes turning business models on their heads, and the strategic changes organizations are making in order to meet those challenges.

What Bill 148 Means to Employers

It’s more than a minimum wage increase

By Lyndee Patterson

Ontario’s workplaces are changing. The demands of the modern consumer, the impact of new technology, the increasing individualization of career paths and the rise of the gig economy have collectively had a significant impact on how we all earn our living.

Rules of Engagement

Leading organizations take a more holistic view to set the stage for better engagement

By Melissa Campeau

You’ve probably come across articles in the past year with titles like, “Let’s Stop Talking About Engagement” and “Why Your Engagement Strategy Doesn’t Work.” On the other hand, you’ve likely seen surveys that suggest worker engagement levels in Canada fall somewhere between middling and dismal.

Reach Out for Help

Mental illness cannot be “fixed” alone. Just ask Margaret Trudeau, who suffered for her entire life but found solace with outside help.

By Joel Kranc

It’s not easy being a Trudeau. There is the constant tug-of-war with the press, the scrutiny of the public at large and the sometimes insular feelings that come with the job. Often, the pressure is too great and can lead to dealing with mental health issues in a very public way.

What Does the Modern Employee Really Want?

To attract and retain the best people, you need to stay up to date with employees’ evolving needs

By Darwyne Lang

Millennials aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow – they’re increasingly the leaders of today. They now outnumber Generation X as the most populous group in the workforce, according to Statistics Canada. Since Millennials will represent 75 per cent of the workforce by 2025, understanding what

How HR can Protect Company Value

A company’s policies can make all the difference during acquisition

By Evert Akkerman

Recently, one company decided against buying another because the organization for sale lacked basic HR structure. Specifically, there were no written employment contracts and policies or a formal performance appraisal process.