The HR Professional August 2018 Issue

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Defaulting to Open

Shopify's Culture team empowers employees to give their best to the company

By Sarah B. Hood


Since it was conceived in 2006 with five employees working out of a coffee shop, Shopify has become one of Canada’s most successful tech companies.


System Update

Seven key questions for HR tech investment success

By Derek Smith


With an ever-growing HR tech landscape, it can be difficult to identify the platforms that will work for you and help you meet business goals.


The secret to improving diversity at Canadian companies

By Laura Sherbin


Canada’s ministerial cabinet may be one of the world’s most diverse when it comes to gender and race – 50 per cent are women and a quarter are people of colour

Balancing Security and Convenience

What happens when security and convenience are at odds?

By Ching Mac


Here’s a common workplace situation to consider: an employee wants to work from home because she is having a contractor in to do some work on her kitchen.

Targeted Search

Why aren’t the right people applying to your job ads?

By Rowan O’Grady


If you have been in HR for a long time, you probably remember the days when newspaper ads and rolodexes were the only items in the recruitment toolbox.

A New Normal

Promotions without a raise can still be motivating

By Koula Vasilopoulos



One of your top performers has filled the same role for several years and gives their all every day.

Intra-personal Skills

A proactive way to personal sustainability

By Dr. Helena Lass


A mentally healthy workplace is one that protects and promotes mental wellness.