The HR Professional July 2018 Issue

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Latest Stories

Funding Health

The rising costs and challenges of managing benefit plans

By Stéphanie Myner-Nham


Affordable benefit plans are an essential incentive for employees, but currently pose challenges for companies as costs continue to rise and health claims and prescription drug requirements become more complex.



Meet the HR Influencers: Dr. Parbudyal Singh, DHRP

Dr. Parbudyal Singh is used to being a trailblazer.

As a professor of human resources management at York University, a published author and a renowned academic, Singh is also the very first recipient of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)’s highest honour.

Stepping Up

Leading employees outside their comfort zone to meet evolving organizational needs

By Alison Grenier


One of the key functions of human resources is to ensure individual employees are matched with job roles that complement their skills, thereby maximizing personal productivity for employees and the organization overall.

What Goes Around...

Five reasons to hire a boomerang employee

By Derek Smith


It’s no longer commonplace for an employee to stay with one organization for their entire career, nor is it likely they will have just one career throughout their years of employment.

Fear Factor: Recruitment Edition

Facing the fear in the hiring process

By Evert Akkerman


We tend to underestimate the role of fear in business decisions, including those on recruitment and selection. Fear is a powerful driver of human behaviour: fear of making the wrong decision, fear of losing face, fear of losing a job and fear of not being liked.

Wellness Through Tech

Using technology to promote employee wellness

By Chris Bruce


All employers want to create a supportive and encouraging work environment for their employees. Providing easy access to benefits that meet the needs of their employees is a failsafe way companies can demonstrate their commitment to improving the overall wellness of their people.

Finding the Right Fit

Leadership retention is all about the intangibles

By Jamie Hoobanoff


There are countless studies and reports that speak to the challenges organizations of all sizes are facing in recruiting senior level talent. And when they succeed in finding candidates, employers are equally challenged to retain them.