By Zut-Ying (Sue) Del Valle, CHRP

How important is social feedback to HR departments?

Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on recruitment strategies and programs aimed at attracting the best talent, reaching passive candidates and broadening the employment brand recognition in the minds of potential candidates.

By Rick Russell

How do things get done in organizations?

If you think about it, work tends to move forward conversation by conversation. The quality determines what happens next, and may have lasting consequences for the relationship between the parties.

By Dr. David Weiss


Bridging the innovation gap.

by Alan Williams and Dr. Alison Whybrow


Bringing values to life in your organization.

Bringing your organizational values to life requires more than simply stating the values on the boardroom wall. They need to be lived in the fabric of the organization every day.


HR Professional

The changing nature of work is fundamentally altering both HR operating models and the capabilities HR practitioners need for the future

HR Professional

By Melissa Campeau


Today’s flexible workspaces might be the ticket to a more collaborative culture, but HR needs to lend a guiding hand