Health and Safety

Take a deep breath and relax

By Lorenzo Lisi


The federal Cannabis Act (the Act) and its regulations will come into force on Oct. 17, 2018. The legislation imposes strict restrictions on promotional

Barriers to psychological health and safety

By Dr. Kate Toth, CHRL


Considerable recent efforts by mental health leaders in Canada have been successful in opening the conversation about mental health in the workplace.

What should employers know?

By Marnie Downey R.Kin., M.Sc.


Over the last several years, the media has been focusing on how prolonged sitting at work can negatively impact worker’s health.

A proactive way to personal sustainability

By Dr. Helena Lass


A mentally healthy workplace is one that protects and promotes mental wellness.

Using technology to promote employee wellness

By Chris Bruce


All employers want to create a supportive and encouraging work environment for their employees. Providing easy access to benefits that meet the needs of their employees is a failsafe way companies can demonstrate their commitment to improving the overall wellness of their people.

Mindfulness at work can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Here’s why. 

By Dr. Geoff Soloway


Thanks to the tireless efforts of numerous mental health leaders, including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Bell Let’s Talk and even Princes William and Harry, the stigma around mental health has been reducing. And not a minute too soon: