Published Articles

November 2018

  • A Job Seeker’s Market

    How to maintain a successful recruitment strategy when unemployment is low

    By Taylor McKinney


    National unemployment rates were at four per cent as of last month, more than half of what it was less than ten years ago.

  • Medicinal Cannabis Coverage

    Is IT right for your business and your employees?

    By Matt Houghton


    With the change in Canadian laws surrounding the use of cannabis, discussion about its use is evolving, especially in the health care field.

  • (EVLN) Model Behaviour

    Employee response to job dissatisfaction

    By Tallys Moreth


    Several theories have related salary to happiness, but today benefits and remuneration are no longer decisive in choosing a new job.

  • Managers First

    Work-life balance is about leading by example

    By Patrick Williams


    When it comes to work-life balance, direction must come from the top down. A healthy work-life balance has to be part of the culture and something that’s practiced and advocated by leadership, not just paid lip service.

  • Goliath, Meet David

    How can start-ups compete for top executive level talent?

    By Jamie Hoobanoff


    According to the 2018 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Summit report, 70 per cent of small businesses find it hard to retain top talent.

  • Wage  Wars

    How to set salaries that keep your top staff satisfied

    By Sandra Lavoy


    Other than during the initial job offer and perhaps an occasional pay increase, most managers don’t typically always have their staff’s salaries top of mind.

  • Digital Health Management

    A new approach to support employee health beyond the four walls

    By Jacob Sattelmair


    Most employers agree – a more convenient, digital approach is required to support employees’ health beyond the four walls of care delivery.

  • The Limitations  of Language

    How unconscious bias pervades language and hinders advancement

    By Jane Griffith


    Unconscious bias is persistent and toxic, pervading our daily interactions even when we think we’ve controlled for it.

  • Bottom Line Boost

    Using technology to promote diversity and organizational equality can increase overall company performance

    By Sebastiaan Bos


    Discussion of workforce diversity is officially a “hot topic” in corporate boardrooms, cubicle farms and company cafeterias around the globe.

  • Outside Perspective

    What is a “workplace investigator” and why do you need one?

    By Peter V. Matukas


    A workplace investigator is an individual who conducts an impartial, timely and neutral investigation into complaints made at or with respect to a workplace or issues which have arisen in the workplace.

  • Effective Planning

    Modern Defined Benefit pensions can substantially improve outcomes for businesses

    By Derek W. Dobson


    Anxiety about an uncertain financial future in retirement can lead to missed days of work and reduced productivity.

  • New Management

    The three tensions every new manager must learn to manage

    By Tim Arnold


    Have you ever heard a senior leader say this before: “I can’t believe how much that person is struggling since I put them in a leadership role, they seemed to have management-material written all over them.”

  • The Missing Piece of Your Benefits Plan

    A communications strategy can make a big difference 

    By Bill Gimbel


    When employees don’t understand their benefits, they’re less likely to utilize them, which can negatively impact employee engagement and retention.

  • The Value of Vice

    Bad habits can lead to good ideas

    By Evert Akkerman


    In the past 50 years, few habits have been so demonized as smoking and few groups so marginalized as smokers.

  • Balancing Act

    How to maintain your work-life balance

    By Jenny Alonzo


    The concept of work-life balance has become increasingly popular in recent years, and according to medical research, the idea should be taken more seriously than a passing fad.

  • Setting Sights

    The role great vision statements play

    By Dave Buzanko


    Your vision statement should be the common glue that holds the employee and the employer together.

  • Meet the HR Influencers:  Doug Bowman, BA, MPA, CHRE, CMM III

    When Doug Bowman was a young musician, he never suspected he’d go on to enjoy a 40-year career inhuman resources.

  • A New Era for Investigations

    What’s happening in this #MeToo era?

    By Melanie Reist


    Last month, I spoke to a group of senior human resource professionals from the Waterloo Region on workplace investigations.

  • HR Meets Marketing

    When HR and marketing collaborate, big things can happen in your organization

    By Heather Hudson


    The Popping Bottles celebration started with a simple challenge for the customer success team at technology company BlueCat.