An emerging resource for employee benefits plans

By Joseph Ricciuti


The community of human resource professionals is in general agreement that it makes good business sense to develop and implement programs that promote and support a healthy workplace. However, in spite of such strategies, there is a continued struggle to reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity in the workplace.

Modern Defined Benefit pensions can substantially improve outcomes for businesses

By Derek W. Dobson


Anxiety about an uncertain financial future in retirement can lead to missed days of work and reduced productivity.

Why employers need to implement eldercare programs

By Susan Hyatt


The population is aging and that brings all kinds of consequences. It impacts families, their financial resources, the healthcare system and the workforce.

Focusing on individual employee needs boosts your retention

By Chris Bruce


Employee loyalty is harder to secure now than ever before – especially amongst younger generations joining the workforce.

A clear definition is needed before proceeding

By Helen Stevenson

Calls for national pharmacare, which have long been simmering, have boiled over as of late. The federal government has taken the first step toward a national strategy with the release of the 2018 Federal Budget. Dr. Eric Hoskins, the former Minister of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario, will chair an advisory council to review options and establish ideas for the framework for a national pharmacare program. 

Why employers need to embrace change as drug spending increases

By Helen Stevenson

Benefit plans are a zero-sum game: there are a finite number of resources to go around. As drug spending in Canada increases, the sustainability of drug plans is at risk.