Legal Words

There are many factors to account for when considering this alternative to the over-burdened justice system

By Jack Zwicker


It is probably just as well that many formal employment contracts contain arbitration clauses. Given the shortage of superior court judges and lack of funding in Canada’s largest cities, the timelines for civil litigation can easily run five years before actions reach trial. In the meantime, legal costs mount for both sides, together with the uncertainty of not having a decision.

Experience is key when deciding who will fill this role

By Peter V. Matukas, BA, LLB, AWI-CH


All employers in Ontario, pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, RSO 1990, c O.1 (OHSA) have an obligation to provide a workplace free from harassment and sexual harassment, and must also conduct an investigation into incidents or complaints of workplace harassment or sexual harassment.

Dealing with the issue of harassment isn’t just optics

By Lorenzo Lisi


Organizations that are not ready to address harassment and sexual harassment (whether in the workplace, on social media or even outside of work hours) risk the viability of their workplace.

Taken the necessary time during the hiring process

By Andrea M. Marsland


Hiring a new employee can be a fun and exciting time, especially when you hit the jackpot with a potential new hire. Unfortunately, excitement often gives way to circumventing important steps in the process, which can end up being a costly proposition if things do not work out. Taking your time at the outset of the hiring process is time well spent. Your employer will thank you for it later.

What’s happening in this #MeToo era?

By Melanie Reist


Last month, I spoke to a group of senior human resource professionals from the Waterloo Region on workplace investigations.

Frustration defence not available when employer doesn’t accommodate employee

By Malcolm MacKillop and Hendrik Nieuwland


The doctrine of “frustration of contract” holds that if an unforeseen event or circumstance arises that renders the contract fundamentally different in character from what