Legal Words

10 mistakes that mediators should avoid

By Peter Israel


Whether due to mandatory mediation in certain jurisdictions or parties’ general desire to find an alternative to courts and the litigation process, mediation is increasingly being used to resolve employment law and other legal disputes.

Up close and personal

By Sheryl L. Johnson


We have all heard men describe the workplace climate during and following the initial foray of the #MeToo movement as being a “scary place for a man.” This was particularly the case when they witnessed the spike in the number of sexual harassment allegations being made, including those from decades prior.

How to support employees for success


One of the most sensitive and difficult issues that human resources professionals grapple with on a daily basis is how to accommodate employees with disabilities in the workplace. Interestingly, however, the topic remains a grey area, leaving many questions unanswered. How much is too much medical documentation? What can you ask for? What should you do to meet your duty to accommodate? At what point does the accommodation process itself become discriminatory?

Nine things you need to know about harassment investigations

By Randi Chapnik Myers, LL.M, Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych. and Donna Marshall, M.A.


When HR professional Morgan Endral transitioned into a senior role in her organization, she discovered she had inherited an unresolved harassment complaint lodged by a female executive assistant against her male supervisor.

An extreme tool when trust has been broken

By Mark Repath

Companies place a considerable amount of trust in their employees. Confidential and sensitive information that has taken years and millions of dollars to develop is placed at the disposal of various employees within an organization. In the vast majority of cases, this confidential information and trust is not abused by employees.

It’s more than a minimum wage increase

By Lyndee Patterson

Ontario’s workplaces are changing. The demands of the modern consumer, the impact of new technology, the increasing individualization of career paths and the rise of the gig economy have collectively had a significant impact on how we all earn our living.