How Western Union has made diversity a growth engine

By Janice Williams


For some companies, diversity is probably on the to-do list. Diversity is recognized as important, but it sits on the back burner while other issues are prioritized. At Western Union, diversity isn’t an issue or a topic to consider from the to-do list; diversity is enmeshed within their business practices, employee base, customers and company as a whole.

Using technology to promote diversity and organizational equality can increase overall company performance

By Sebastiaan Bos


Discussion of workforce diversity is officially a “hot topic” in corporate boardrooms, cubicle farms and company cafeterias around the globe.

The secret to improving diversity at Canadian companies

By Laura Sherbin


Canada’s ministerial cabinet may be one of the world’s most diverse when it comes to gender and race – 50 per cent are women and a quarter are people of colour

The power of getting diversity and inclusion right in the workplace

By Rachel Crowe


Does your organization make diversity and inclusion a priority? Often, it can seem daunting, time-intensive and expensive – and there can be confusion around how to create meaningful change in the workplace.

When it comes to inclusivity at work, the language we use is of critical importance. Here’s why.

By Alyson Nyiri, CHRL

There’s no doubt about it: feminism has arrived in the workplace. Gender, sex and sexuality are part of our new lexicon. Discussions within an organization about people and talent need to integrate current thinking about gender, sex and sexualities.

Outcomes, not optics, the key to a truly inclusive organization

By Kim Tabac

Diversity and inclusion – two words that are becoming increasingly important in the corporate landscape. As HR professionals, we know that while related, these terms mean very different things. What we’re seeing, though, is that too often organizations are still using these words interchangeably, confusing their meaning and thereby watering down their definitions.