If you want to guarantee growth, prosperity and an inclusive, diverse company culture, gender intelligence must be part of your strategy

By Jess Campbell

Imagine the world’s most popular manufacturer of mobile devices and technology. Every day, this company sells millions of pieces of technology, having spent years to ensure its perfection. One day, a news story breaks concerning the way that technology responds to some very specific questions. Users can tell their technology that they might be having a heart attack; that technology tells them

Attracting diverse talent by overcoming unconscious biases

By Marni Johnson

Workforce diversity is critical to an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment. Diversity is the presence of differences in gender, age, experience, culture and more. Diversity alone is insufficient – you also need to practice inclusion. An example to outline the difference: diversity is being invited to the dance, but inclusion is actually getting up and dancing.