What happens when security and convenience are at odds?

By Ching Mac


Here’s a common workplace situation to consider: an employee wants to work from home because she is having a contractor in to do some work on her kitchen.

Performing a risk assessment and knowing how much to invest

By Bill Ross


We live in a world where more and more business is conducted over the Internet. Whether it is online banking, shopping and paying for what you buy online and a host of other things,

Put HR front and centre in your cybersecurity line of defense

By Ching Mac


Cybersecurity concerns can bring a chill to even the most accomplished, seasoned business executives. Making the right changes to properly secure an organization can seem daunting and complex because cybersecurity cannot be ignored or neglected. Research shows cybersecurity is a crucial driver of business value. This continues to be reinforced as global scandals around data security are increasingly publicized and as consumers have higher awareness and expectations around privacy and security.

Why checking work emails on vacation puts your company at risk – and what to do about it

By Monu Kalsi


The weather is getting warmer and people are starting to look forward to their well-earned summer vacations. While we all know taking time off is critical for our wellbeing, the reality is many employees don’t disconnect completely while away.

Focus on mitigating, not eliminating risk

By Michael Murphy

Can risk ever be eliminated?

Leaders face business risks everyday – operational, reputational, speculative. Rising to the top of the list recently: cybersecurity. External agents are seeking to either disable devices completely, or gain access to privileged data and applications, using common tactics such as malware and phishing.

Strategies and tools

By Greg Allworth

Almost 94 per cent of employees say that they always only submit accurate and legitimate expenses. The five per cent who admit to falsifying their expenses claim to get away with about $2,500 each per year. As a result, it’s estimated that expense fraud committed by employees adds up to nearly $3 billion per year across North America.