Published Articles

May 2018

  • HR’s Next Big Gig

    By Karen Stone, CHRE


    We have been having a lot of conversation in the past few years about the increase of non-traditional work arrangements.

  • Beyond the Claim

    Nine things you need to know about harassment investigations

    By Randi Chapnik Myers, LL.M, Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych. and Donna Marshall, M.A.


    When HR professional Morgan Endral transitioned into a senior role in her organization, she discovered she had inherited an unresolved harassment complaint lodged by a female executive assistant against her male supervisor.

  • Off the Shelf

    By Alyson Nyiri, CHRL

    Future First: How Successful Leaders Turn Innovation Challenges into New Value Frontiers

    By Alice Mann
    Routledge, 2018


    We are facing huge global challenges: resources are becoming scarce, climate change is increasingly volatile and our culture is rapidly evolving.

  • Meet the HR Influencers: Lisa Zangari, CHRE, ACC

    Pursuing Potential

    By Lisa Gordon


    Lisa Zangari has built her career on the pursuit of potential.

  • Helping the Helpers

    Employers are learning the benefits of a psychologically safe work environment

    By Joel Kranc


    The workplace, like society in general, is ever evolving and changing. The challenge of incorporating a more diverse approach to hiring, for example, has gained traction over time.

  • Stepping Forward

    Three ways women can press for their progress in the workplace

    By Marni Johnson


    In today’s knowledge and service economies, what motivates and engages most employees ultimately comes down to satisfying three needs: career, community and cause. As organizations strive to build diverse and inclusive workforces, these needs must be met, particularly in ways that apply to women. 

  • Tips for Recruiting Leaders

    The killer keywords for attracting leaders aren’t related to recruitment at all

    By Jamie Hoobanoff


    Leaders aren’t looking for a job, which can make them difficult to hire. This is why you cannot use the traditional language of recruitment to attract the talent that will lead your organization into the future.

  • Working on the Beach Could Lead to a Breach

    Why checking work emails on vacation puts your company at risk – and what to do about it

    By Monu Kalsi


    The weather is getting warmer and people are starting to look forward to their well-earned summer vacations. While we all know taking time off is critical for our wellbeing, the reality is many employees don’t disconnect completely while away.


    The contingent workforce will be a major part of your HR strategy in the very near future. Are you ready?

    By Melissa Campeau


    If your organization hasn’t already added contingent workers to its talent mix, it’s a safe bet it will be – in a big way – in the very near future. According to staffing firm Randstad Canada, non-traditional workers already make up 30 per cent of the Canadian workforce, and they forecast that number will exceed 35 per cent by 2025.