Legal Words

By Mark Repath

For almost 40 years, it had been an open question whether federally regulated employers could be ordered to reinstate an employee who had been dismissed without cause.

By Naumaan Hameed 

On Nov. 19, 2016, the federal government introduced fundamental changes to Express Entry – Canada’s electronic system for selecting economic immigrants.

By Sheryl L. Johnson

While some top 10 lists have a humorous topic, this one does not. This top 10 list draws your attention to the 10 most common employer mistakes so that your organization can avoid the costly consequences of “getting it wrong.”

By Elaine Newman

Mediation of a wrongful dismissal action or a human rights complaint has to reflect the long-term human resources strategy.

By Megan Burkett

Most companies would prefer to avoid terminating pregnant, disabled or older employees due to the risk involved. However, a company may be considering these terminations for reasons such as company restructuring, performance concerns or an employee failing to satisfy obligations under the accommodation process.

By Heather Hudson

What issue costs Canadian employers $77.9 million every year? Domestic violence – it’s an answer that may be surprising to some.