Published Articles

March 2017

  • Want a Truly Inclusive Workplace?

    By Brenda Clark, CHRE

    As you’ve seen, the cover theme for this issue is all about diversity and inclusion. Those are concepts that have truly gained ground in the workplace over the past two decades, and they continue to do so.

  • Without Cause Dismissals in Federally Regulated Workplaces

    By Mark Repath

    For almost 40 years, it had been an open question whether federally regulated employers could be ordered to reinstate an employee who had been dismissed without cause.

  • Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Workplace

    By Melissa Campeau 

    In most parts of Canada, it would take some effort not to assemble a diverse workforce. And almost certainly, that diverse workforce includes members of the LGBT community.

  • How to Move Your Compliance-based Employment Equity Program to a Strategic Priority

    By Zakeana Reid

    While many Canadian organizations are actively seeking ways to increase their diversity and inclusion (D&I), those covered by the Employment Equity Act seem stuck working towards compliance, consequently neglecting the bigger picture of becoming an inclusive employer.

  • Business is Booming

    By John Carinci

    One in three employed Canadians will be off work for 90 days or longer at some point during their career due to disability.

  • Is Your Team Trusting or Just Polite?

    By Ben Bryant

    Between Samsung explosions and Volkswagen recalls, FIFA’s racketeering and Wells Fargo’s fake accounts, some of the most recent corporate scandals have been mainstream events with far-reaching impact.

  • Pushing Through

    By Ernie Philip

    My first job in sales at a small Canadian printing company more than 20 years ago was far from easy or glamorous.

  • Formal and Informal Mentoring

    By Bryan Leach

    Mentoring is seen to be a way to improve performance and as something that needs to be structured and managed to be effective. 

  • Putting Employees First

    By Steve McCarty

    Taking care of your employees first is one of the keys to creating and managing a successful business.

  • Meet The HR Influencers: Bruce Fraser, CHRL, CHRE

    By Lisa Gordon

    Bruce Fraser is a thinker and a doer. The thing he loves most about human resources is the opportunity to plan out a strategy and then roll up his sleeves and get the job done.