Published Articles

May/June 2016

  • Uncharted Territory

    By Joel Kranc

    The labour market is changing globally and in Canada. How can HR adapt to it and will our education system support it?

  • Meet the HR Influencers: Tony Papa, CHRE

    By Kristy Rydz

    While Tony Papa packs his suitcases in Detroit, Mich., a stone’s throw away from his hometown of Windsor, Ont., by last count he’d visited more than 32 countries in the name of human resources. 

  • HR Career Paths: Jenn Reid, MLIS, PMP, CTDP

    By Kristy Rydz

    Jenn Reid’s career has been full of well-timed coincidences. “It’s been opportunity meets preparation,” she said. “And being ready for them.”

  • Getting Past the Bias

    By Joel Kranc

    Ageism is a reality, but HR managers have the ability to recognize it in the workplace and take active action against it.

  • Recognizing the Rewards of Recognition

    By Sarah McVanel & Brenda Zalter-Minden

    Employers, take note. Your talent has a lot to say about how well you are recognizing them and the impact it is having.

  • Connecting People to Purpose

    By Heather Hudson

    When a Habanero Consulting Group employee returned to her Calgary home days after floodwaters had ravaged the city in June 2013, she found many of her belongings underwater.

  • HR Horror Stories

    HR Professional’s HR Horror Stories Part III contest received more than 25 entries from across Ontario, including many hair-raisers that show how crazy this profession can be. We narrowed down the top five and let HRPA members vote for the three best. Here is what you chose:

  • Becoming a Professional Regulatory Body

    By Claude Balthazard, Ph.D., C.Psych, CHRL

    Over the last few years, there has been a sea change in the way the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) governs and regulates its members. Yet, much of this transformation has been and remains invisible to members. 

  • Managing Performance Management

    By Melissa Campeau

    Imagine a workplace that hums with cooperation and collaboration. Workers are fully engaged in what they’re doing, knocking projects out of the park and happily going the extra mile for colleagues.

  • Handling Risky Terminations

    By Megan Burkett

    Most companies would prefer to avoid terminating pregnant, disabled or older employees due to the risk involved. However, a company may be considering these terminations for reasons such as company restructuring, performance concerns or an employee failing to satisfy obligations under the accommodation process.

  • Leadership Matters

    By Brenda Clark, CHRE

    HR professionals are uniquely positioned to help ensure pay equity between men and women because they can spot potential biases and can educate managers about the issue and advise effective solutions, according to Closing the Gender Wage Gap: A Review and Recommendations by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).