Published Articles

January 2017

  • Grit in the Workplace

    By Thomas Schoenfelder, Ph.D.

    One of the most discussed psychological topics in the business world over the past few years has been the construct of “grit.”

  • Meet the HR Influencers: Liette Vigneault, CRHA

    By Kim Biggar

    Liette Vigneault was recently named to the Top 25 HR Professionals in Canada list for 2016, chosen by Canadian HR Reporter magazine.

  • Moving to Modern

    By Michael Murphy

    Dinosaurs ruled the earth 65 million years ago; that is, until meteorites and volcanic eruptions brought environmental changes that ultimately wiped them out.

  • The Solution to Absenteeism

    By Angelo Carofano, MBA, CPA, CMA

    What is the link between the role of a CFO and initiatives to reduce absenteeism?

  • How To Buy An Employee Benefits Program

    By Matt Houghton

    We all know that offering great benefits is an important part of attracting the best employees. 

  • Putting People First

    By Lisa Kopochinski

    There’s a saying: “What is old is new again.” For Cementation Canada, an underground mine contracting and engineering company with its main office in North Bay, Ont., this seems to ring especially true.

  • Blind Spot

    By Heather Hudson

    He calls it his “white male epiphany.” In 2000, Jeffery Tobias Halter’s employer, Coca-Cola, faced a $200-million discrimination lawsuit.

  • Top 10 Employer Mistakes

    By Sheryl L. Johnson

    While some top 10 lists have a humorous topic, this one does not. This top 10 list draws your attention to the 10 most common employer mistakes so that your organization can avoid the costly consequences of “getting it wrong.”

  • The Digital HR Era

    By Melissa Campeau
    Modern HR means embracing digital potential to deliver agility, competitiveness and an edge. Digital technology isn’t the future; it’s the present.