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Special Conference Edition 2019

  • Changing workplace climates

    HRPA is proud to present world-class thought leadership from around the globe. The 2019 group of keynote speakers represent talent and expertise in each of their fields.  Learn more about our distinguished keynotes – and don’t forget to attend their sessions.

  • Step into our CPD Clinic!

    Find out everything you want to know about Continuing Professional Development from our office of the registrar experts

    By Mara Berger, associate registrar and Sacha Williams, regulatory process specialist

  • More Than Perks

    The importance of an authentic total rewards philosophy

    By Kathleen Jinkerson


    A total rewards philosophy plays an important role in an organization. Its overarching objective is to align the mission, values and goals of a company with its rewards program to ultimately drive performance.

  • When Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out

    Their institutions often betray them

    By Jennifer Freyd


    A 27-year-old medical resident in general surgery is sexually harassed by two men – the chief resident and a staff physician at the hospital.

  • Legalized Cannabis

    After the smoke has cleared

    By Michael Horvat


    We are about three months into the legal sale and use of recreational marijuana in Ontario since the government instituted online sales on Oct. 17, 2018. While the Ontario government

  • #AfterTheInvestigation

    Restoring the workplace following a harassment investigation

    By Laura Williams


    It’s a nightmare event for any organization: A manager or key employee, such as a top salesperson, faces a lengthy investigation into allegations of sexual harassment or some other form of serious workplace misconduct.

  • Bad Boss or Bully?

    How to Know the Difference

    By Ozlem Yucel


    In a recent research study by Forum Research, 55 per cent of Canadians reported having experienced or witnessed bullying at work. In many cases, the perpetrators of this bullying are managers.

  • It’s All Connected

    The links between employee engagement, leadership and increased sales

    By Deb Calvert


    Every sales organization shares the same challenges: Keeping high-performing and high-potential sales people on the team, finding ways to boost sales productivity, retaining customers and keeping them satisfied in a competitive marketplace and driving top line revenue for bottom line growth.

  •  Do Good to Lead Well

    The power of humility

    By Craig Dowden


    Executives are routinely lauded for their decisiveness and bold vision. They chart the course and people willingly follow. In fact, senior leaders are afforded almost rock star status both inside and outside their organizations. They are seen as the pinnacle of strength.

  • The Future of Health  Insurance is Health

    Spearhead healthier lifestyles without disruptive policy changes

    By Michael Serbinis


    Employee benefits are costly – typically the second largest expense for employers – and the trend will continue as healthcare costs continue to skyrocket.

  • Sharing Secrets

    Five insights HR can gain from marketing

    By Dr. David Weiss


    The human resources profession has undergone major transformation in the past decade, which has delivered much greater value to organizations.

  •  The Truth About Coming Out at Work

    It’s not a simple as you may think

    By Colin Druhan


    When some people think about the process of coming out they imagine the well-worn tropes of their favourite movies and TV shows.

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Dealing with the issue of harassment isn’t just optics

    By Lorenzo Lisi


    Organizations that are not ready to address harassment and sexual harassment (whether in the workplace, on social media or even outside of work hours) risk the viability of their workplace.

  • Preparing for a Storm

    Human resources should prepare for the impact of separation and divorce in the workplace

    By Edit Farun, Charlotte Goldfried and Debbie Shawn


    Ellen’s situation is not uncommon; marital separation, common-law relationship break-ups and divorce occur in approximately 50 per cent of all relationships. Consider these statistics:

  • What Does “Professionalism” Mean for HR Professionals?

    Public opinions shed a bleak light on how the profession is perceived

    By Claude Balthazard, PhD, C.Psych, CHRL


    Professionalism is at the confluence of two important themes for human resources professionals. For one, professionalism is closely linked to the process of professionalization – the meta-strategy that the profession has pursued for decades.

  •  Work Climate…

    The engine that fuels culture transformation

    By Louise Taylor Green, CHRL, CHRE


    I’ll admit it. I’ve been agitated at times when listening to people talk about workplace culture. I get a bit wound up when I hear things like, “We have such an amazing culture,” followed by, “because I get to take Friday afternoons off in the summer.”