Health and Safety

By Malcolm MacKillop and Hendrik Nieuwland

Mental health is an ever-increasing problem in the Canadian workforce. With the protections provided to employees, through both privacy and human rights legislation, many employers are reluctant to inquire into the personal circumstances of an employee, as they are unsure of their legal right to do so.

By Joel Kranc

The time we spend on screens is affecting our health and productivity; what can employers do to help?

Ted Harvey and Neil Gavigan, with assistance from Holly Bennett

Workplace stress, including fatigue and anger emerging from labour-management disputes, can be concerns for all employers.

By Heather Hudson

According to Dr. David Harper, Canadians’ sedentary behaviour could put our health at risk as much as smoking cigarettes.

HR Professional

By James Tjan


Employers should share responsibility for employee health choices

HR Professional

By Sarah B. Hood


Canadian workplaces are starting to address the costs of caregiver burnout