Published Articles

October 2014

  • Getting the Most from Goals

    By Jilaine Parkes

    Agreeing and setting goals is essential to ensuring a productive and driven workforce. At the corporate, team and individual levels, goals help provide the direction employees need to succeed and the metrics needed by managers to measure performance.

  • Interview with an HR Hero: Tracy Lapointe, GPHR, SHRP

    By Lisa Gordon

    Tracy Lapointe is a huge proponent of continuous learning. From the time she accepted her first human resources job as a training coordinator for one of Canada’s biggest banks, her professional success has been rooted in her dedication to never-ending self-improvement and a drive for direct business impact.

  • The HR Role in Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

    Ted Harvey and Neil Gavigan, with assistance from Holly Bennett

    Workplace stress, including fatigue and anger emerging from labour-management disputes, can be concerns for all employers.

  • Generating Incentive through Recognition

    By Kathleen Powers

    For even the best, most engaged workers, there are times throughout a career that motivation can begin to slump.

  • Workplace Flexibility

    By Kim Shepherd

    Workplace flexibility: it’s a hot phrase right now, buzzing through offices and across industries.

  • Seeking a Cure for Founder’s Dilemma

    By Sarah B. Hood

    Once, Kodak ruled the field of photography. Around the globe, the company name was almost synonymous with “camera,” and Kodak film was universally in demand.

  • Will Temporary Workers Work For You?

    By Lisa Kopochinski

    Large companies have long hired temporary workers at extra busy times or to help with special projects. Many smaller companies have been more hesitant to do so, but are taking the cue from their bigger counterparts – particularly due to the time and difficulty it can take to find the right full-time employee or a lack of resources to do so.

  • Integrating New Executives

    By Debra Hughes, MBA, Ph.D.

    Some senior HR leaders relax and think the job is done once an executive accepts an offer of employment. The fact is, without an onboarding plan, 40 to 60 per cent of new hires fail in their first two years.

  • Are Rookies your Most Valuable Players?

    By Liz Wiseman

    Chris, a training executive for a large, multinational firm, gathered his team at an offsite retreat to refocus their priorities for the next six months. Chris’ management team consisted of veteran training professionals with a wealth of experience.

  • HR Law: Back to Basics

    By Melissa Campeau

    Workplaces have been continuously evolving over the past few decades, and issues surrounding the employer/employee relationship (and everything in between) are far from black and white.

  • New Leave of Absence Provisions under the Employment Standards Act

    By Michael Donsky

    On April 29, 2014, the Employment Standards Amendments Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2014, passed third reading in the Ontario legislature.

  • Professionalism and the HR Profession

    By Phil Wilson, SHRP

    With last year’s passage of the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013, HR professionals will continue to focus on enhancing the “professionalism” of what it means to truly become a human resources “professional.”