Health and Safety

By Bill Shapiro

Mental health issues can affect us all – regardless of our age, economic standing, race or gender – and if we are living with a mental health issue, we know the importance of seeking help.

By Heather Hudson

If you suffered a heart attack or concussion at work, would your colleagues know how to help you? If you work in Canada, the answer is probably not a resounding yes.

By Sarah B. Hood

How many steps have you taken so far today? If you’re among the fast-growing number of people who use a wearable fitness tracker, you probably have a pretty close idea.

By Noi Quao

On a Friday evening last November in Paris, after many people had left work and were enjoying a night on the town, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred.

By Dr. James Aw

As early as 2002, well before the FitBit craze and the 10,000 steps phenomenon, Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic warned physicians that excessive sitting was a lethal activity.

By Jeff Perron

While stigma is starting to lift around issues of mental health, individuals with mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety have arguably become more alienated than before.