Health and Safety

By Linda Lewis-Dal, GoodLife Workplace Wellness Program


Let's face it... we all have a bad day from time to time. But when bad days string together and become chronic, serious physical and psychological side effects can negatively impact our work performance and relationships with others.

By Sarah B. Hood


A new national standard makes employers more responsible for managing workplace stress.
The economic meltdown, the tech revolution, the overwhelmed caregiver, the nightly news: the topic of every elevator conversation, it seems, is related to our spiralling stress levels. How should HR respond?

By Lisa Kopochinski


As current communication technology continues to blur the line between work and home, the importance of a successful work-life balance remains as critical as ever.

By Melissa Campeau


With awareness and training, workplaces can be part of the solution for employees at risk for mental illness.


It’s a statistic that almost doesn’t compute, it’s so staggering. One in five Canadians will experience a mental health illness in any given year.

If you suffered a heart attack or concussion at work, would your colleagues know how to help you?