Published Articles

February 2014

  • Goodbye Gut

    By Tracey Smith, Numerical Insights.


    Using analytics to drive strategy and find value.

  • Interview with an HR Hero: Cultural Yoda

    By Lisa Gordon


    Bonnie Flatt, SHRP


    Bonnie Flatt is all about taking the road less travelled.

  • Get into the Interview Chair

    By Aileen Hunter


    HR job hunting techniques for 2014.


    Remember when job hunting meant reading the classifieds section of the newspaper or going to the job centre to look at postings on the board?

  • Addressing the Engagement Challenge: The Power of Meaning in Work and Organization

    By Ken Ludwig and Reg Urbanowski


    The relationship between individuals and their work in an organization is imperative.

  • HR's New Weapon — Big Data

    By Brandon-Jo Mouna, IBM Canada Ltd.

    Work smarter, not harder.


    Work is becoming a means of identity, where the job you do defines who you are.

  • Dealing with the Bullying High Performer

    By David Griffin

    Case scenario

    It’s an all-too-familiar situation for HR professionals: the high-performing, high-achieving senior executive or manager who leaves a trail of personnel casualties in their wake.


  • Retaining and Retraining

    Submitted by the Metro Toronto Convention Centre


    The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)’s recent $29-million modernization project gave one of its senior executives the chance to revisit his roots – in the kitchen.


  • Making Your Way to the Corner Office

    By Craig Dowden, Ph.D., SPB Organizational Psychology


    An interview with New York Times columnist and best-selling author Adam Bryant.

  • Caring for the Caregiver

    By Sarah B. Hood


    Businesses face a growing need to accommodate hospice palliative care.

  • Boom or Bust?

    By Melissa Campeau


    The baby boom generation has designs on staying in the workforce considerably longer than any generation before them. Recruiting and retaining them could be critical to your organization’s success

  • Lessons From Breaking Bad

    by Malcolm MacKillop, Shields O’Donnell MacKillop


    What happens when drug and alcohol abuse creep into your workplace?

  • HR Priorities Similar Around the World

    By Phil Wilson, CHRP, SHRP


    Talent management and leadership. HR analytics. Culture and engagement.

    Are these things keeping you up at night? You’re not alone.