Published Articles

January 2014

  • The CHRP: A Reflexive Value Proposition

    By Claude Balthazard, Ph.D., C.Psych., CHRP


    The most important thing to keep in mind about the value proposition for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation is that it is a ‘reflexive’ value proposition.

  • Interview with an HR Hero: Badar Khan, SHRP

    By Heather Hudson



    Proving that HR is a profession with no borders, Badar Khan has built an internationally acclaimed career on world-class HR strategy and development.

  • What's the Latest in Canadian Recruitment?

    By Richard Matthews, Founder, Granite Consulting



    As Conference Chair, each fall, Richard Matthews, founder of Granite Consulting, looks forward to bringing HR, recruitment and talent professionals across Canada under one roof to gain insight on innovative recruitment practices and tools from Canada's top employers at the annual Recruitment Innovation Summit.

  • Stop Waiting: Five Reasons to Start Building a Workplace Mentoring Program

    By Steve O'Brian, Chronus Corporation

    The role of human resources within a company has drastically changed over the years, evolving from “simple” functions such as payroll and benefits to more complex strategies such as talent management and leadership development.

  • The Do's & Don't's of a Mental Health Leave

    By Yafa Sakkejha, General Manager and Partner, Beneplan Co-operative 


    You have an important employee come in to your office and state that they need to go on sick leave. Based on office rumours, you suspect it’s due to a mental illness. Now what?


  • Healthy Minds: Reducing Stigma In The Workplace

    By Linda Lewis-Dal, GoodLife Workplace Wellness Program


    Let's face it... we all have a bad day from time to time. But when bad days string together and become chronic, serious physical and psychological side effects can negatively impact our work performance and relationships with others.

  • Under Pressure

    By Sarah B. Hood


    A new national standard makes employers more responsible for managing workplace stress.
    The economic meltdown, the tech revolution, the overwhelmed caregiver, the nightly news: the topic of every elevator conversation, it seems, is related to our spiralling stress levels. How should HR respond?

  • Work-Life Balance: Is it attainable?

    By Lisa Kopochinski


    As current communication technology continues to blur the line between work and home, the importance of a successful work-life balance remains as critical as ever.

  • The Mentally Healthy Workforce

    By Melissa Campeau


    With awareness and training, workplaces can be part of the solution for employees at risk for mental illness.


    It’s a statistic that almost doesn’t compute, it’s so staggering. One in five Canadians will experience a mental health illness in any given year.

  • Courts Award Human Rights Damages In Wrongful Dismissal Case

    By Jonathan Pitblado, J. Pitblado Law Office


    This recent case appears to be the first case in Ontario where a court, as compared to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, has awarded Human Rights Code damages in a wrongful dismissal case. Those Human Rights Code damages were significant.


  • A New Regulatory Act for the HR Profession

    By Phil Wilson, C.H.R.P, S.H.R.P


    The profession is at an inflection point in Ontario and it has become one of the most exciting times to be an HR professional. Here are the reasons why.