HR Influencers

Coach and performance consultant

By Jill Harris

Jan Boase didn’t necessarily intend to end up with an HR career, but after seizing an opportunity and proving her capabilities more than 30 years ago, she hasn’t looked back. For decades, Boase dedicated herself to corporate HR functions, including working her way up to senior vice president, HR at Liberty International Underwriters.


Transformational leadership

By Lisa Gordon

When HR Professional connected with Allan Bartolini in late May, he was a man in transition. With just a few days left in his role as VP of human resources and organizational development with The Global Furniture Group in Toronto, Bartolini was preparing to move on to his next challenge at automotive replacement parts provider, Mevotech LP.

By the time this article is published, he’ll be driving to a new office. But Bartolini says that not only will his title be the same at Mevotech, so will the principles and philosophies that have been the foundation of his successful 34-year HR career.