Employee Engagement

The link between engagement, trust and revenue

By Jen Wetherow

For more than two decades, companies on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For have provided three times the return of standard stocks (Figure 1). One thing they have in common? These are large companies that dedicate considerable resources toward employee engagement. It seems that a correlation clearly exists between organizational trust, employee engagement and performance.

By Alison Grenier and Sarah McVanel

It’s fair to say that most organizations have some way of recognizing their best people. In fact, the Conference Board of Canada’s (CBOC) 2017 report, “The Power of Appreciation,” shows that Canadian organizations spend on average $139 per FTE annually on employee recognition.

Leading organizations take a more holistic view to set the stage for better engagement

By Melissa Campeau

You’ve probably come across articles in the past year with titles like, “Let’s Stop Talking About Engagement” and “Why Your Engagement Strategy Doesn’t Work.” On the other hand, you’ve likely seen surveys that suggest worker engagement levels in Canada fall somewhere between middling and dismal.