Change how you present your message and up your recruitment game by using corporate video

By Jess Campbell

Imagine it’s the early 1990s. You’re an HR professional at a shiny new dot-com who’s been tasked with the enormous challenge of hiring several people, like, yesterday. But they can’t be chair-fillers; every person you bring on must be The Right Person.

Being the innovator that you are, you present the idea of creating a corporate video for recruitment. Being a shiny new dot-com, the C-level loves it and throws lots of money at you to get the video produced.

Five signs your company isn’t doing enough to join the digital age

By Mohan Mailvaganam

As the work world around us speeds into the digital age, more of us are beginning to feel printer’s remorse.

We get the email with a document attached from a colleague or a client. We open it and read it on our computer screen. And then – for a variety of reasons that usually can’t be justified – we hit print.

By Michael Murphy

Dinosaurs ruled the earth 65 million years ago; that is, until meteorites and volcanic eruptions brought environmental changes that ultimately wiped them out.

By Melissa Campeau
Modern HR means embracing digital potential to deliver agility, competitiveness and an edge. Digital technology isn’t the future; it’s the present.

By Melissa Campeau

How HR can harness the power of disruptive technology to outthink the competition in a new age of business?

By Sarah B. Hood

Don’t look now, but the days of the nine-to-five office workplace may already be over. A succession of technological innovations – email, social networking, cloud storage, smartphone innovations, e-readers – has brought about drastic changes in the ways traditional offices work.