By Joel Kranc

Ageism is a reality, but HR managers have the ability to recognize it in the workplace and take active action against it.

By Claude Balthazard, Ph.D., C.Psych, CHRL

Over the last few years, there has been a sea change in the way the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) governs and regulates its members. Yet, much of this transformation has been and remains invisible to members. 

By Melissa Campeau

Imagine a workplace that hums with cooperation and collaboration. Workers are fully engaged in what they’re doing, knocking projects out of the park and happily going the extra mile for colleagues.

By Melissa Campeau

Deadlines, meetings and jam-packed calendars make it difficult to think much beyond the here and now. But feverishly checking items off a never-ending to-do list is a bit like being a hamster on a wheel when it comes to making actual progress.

By Jesse Martell

The National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR) has developed calculators to measure the financial impact of Return to Work / Disability Management initiatives.

By Melissa Campeau

Implicit bias is a bit like a driver’s blind spot, with one important exception: you know that blind spot is there. To compensate for the spot your mirrors can’t find, you get into the habit of doing shoulder checks for safety.