Talent Management

By Suzanne L. Cook, Ph.D.

The workforce is aging. In addition, older workers are no longer accepting conventional retirement. Ignoring these trends can be detrimental for organizations, and HR has a key role to play in addressing these issues.

By Cathy Gallagher-Louisy

If you have ever looked for a job, you have surely come across some articles on “how recruiters evaluate candidates” or “what recruiters see in your resume in the first 30 seconds.” 

By Rowan O’Grady

The world of work is changing. Technology has eroded borders and given small and medium sized companies a chance to punch above their weight.

By Dr. David S. Cohen

Is the traditional performance review process worthwhile?

By Kathleen Powers

For even the best, most engaged workers, there are times throughout a career that motivation can begin to slump.

By Liz Wiseman

Chris, a training executive for a large, multinational firm, gathered his team at an offsite retreat to refocus their priorities for the next six months. Chris’ management team consisted of veteran training professionals with a wealth of experience.