Talent Management

By Liz Wiseman

Chris, a training executive for a large, multinational firm, gathered his team at an offsite retreat to refocus their priorities for the next six months. Chris’ management team consisted of veteran training professionals with a wealth of experience.

By David Lahey, MBA

The lifecycle for human capital within an organization starts with talent acquisition, and only once this critical component is perfected can the following phases of talent development, growth strategy and change management successfully occur.

By Carole Trask 

Aligning corporate culture can be difficult enough with one office location, but how can a company make sure multiple offices feel connected? What strategies can HR departments implement to foster a sense of community and camaraderie between workers who live across the continent from one another?

By Colin Martin

When a Toronto recruiter first tried out video interviewing earlier this year, she was amazed at the ease of the process and how comfortable the applicant seemed to be. Little did she know, the candidate – dressed conservatively from the waist up – was actually doing the interview in his underwear.

By Leann Schneider, M.A. and Tim Jackson, Ph.D.

No one likes to be judged. Imagine yourself entering a performance review, or a debrief of your assessment results, and knowing that all of your strengths and weaknesses would be scrutinized, talked about in the open and evaluated.

by Zabeen Hirji and Stephen Shea


Hidden biases may be costing us our competitive advantage.