Leadership Matters

By Karen Stone, CHRE

This month’s cover story is a forward-thinking one – quite literally. It’s all about the future workplace, the digital shift and the HR professional’s role in advancing the people side of businesses in this age of significant automation and analytics.

The challenges and opportunities of HR planning in a quickly changing world

By Melissa Campeau

A decade ago, you probably weren’t contemplating the best onboarding app for your new recruits. You likely weren’t having conversations about interpreting employee analytics to manage performance, either. And looking beyond Canadian borders for talent? That was likely the exception, not the rule.

How ready was your organization for each of those changes? Did you, for example, dive into cloud technology when it was first available? See the value of employee analytics when that possibility came to light?

By Brenda Clark, CHRE

In legal-ese, the concept of “duty of care” refers to the responsibility, either of an individual or an organization, to act with a reasonable standard of care in regards to acts that could foreseeably cause harm, according to most legal definitions.

By Brenda Clark, CHRE

As you’ve seen, the cover theme for this issue is all about diversity and inclusion. Those are concepts that have truly gained ground in the workplace over the past two decades, and they continue to do so.

By Brenda Clark, CHRE

It’s a topic that’s long been top-of-mind for HR, pundits, consultants and the news cycle itself: what do Millennials want – and how can we mobilize, motivate and mentor them as they inevitably begin to reshape the face of the workplace?

By Liz Bernier

A stable 30-year career with the same employer, the same cast of coworkers and a predictable promotion trajectory used to be practically a guarantee; now it’s the exception to the rule.