Leadership Matters

By Jo Eismont

The world is constantly speeding up. We spend our working days jumping from conference calls to annual reviews, to checking our ever-buzzing cell phones, to syncing our work calendar with our home calendar and it’s time that we stop and ask: what is left of us, as leaders, to give by the end of the day?

By Brenda Clark, CHRE

Organizations today need to shift from short-term to long-term thinking, taking into account a much broader, multi-stakeholder view of the world in decision-making.

By Debra Hughes, MBA, Ph.D.

With their inside viewpoint, promoted leaders should have an easier time integrating into new positions than external hires, right? Actually, the facts might surprise you.

By Vanessa Judelman

A senior executive who is struggling at work, David, constantly feels overwhelmed and overworked. He has been in a leadership role in his company for 15 years and used to love coming to work every day. Now, David dreads Monday morning.

By Philip Wilson, CHRP, SHRP.

Earlier this year, Ram Charan, business thinker and author (and 2008 HRPA Annual Conference keynote speaker), provoked controversy in a Harvard Business Review opinion piece by suggesting that the chief human resources officer (CHRO) position should be scuttled.

By Debra Hughes, MBA, Ph.D.

Some senior HR leaders relax and think the job is done once an executive accepts an offer of employment. The fact is, without an onboarding plan, 40 to 60 per cent of new hires fail in their first two years.